Society that adapts grows


It was the first day of my college after the study break post high school exams. I was very excited to meet new friends. The campus looked attractive with different colored trees and buildings around. The campus was filled with students except that everyone dressed differently being college. Soon all the students were directed to their respective classes. The classrooms were huge and filled with students from different parts of the country. Every one of us was excited for the first day at college. Our day began with English class where the teacher greeted us with a smile. There was silence all around and we were asked to introduce ourselves. All the students started to introduce themselves and it was interesting to listen to new voices. But there was one person from the room who stole my attention and I found him to be very different from rest of us.

The boy was very bold in his talk. He spoke several things about his likes and dislikes. He also added that he was a good cook and wanted to be a chef in future which surprised me. As he continued to talk, he suddenly hushed everyone by what he revealed. This boy disclosed his sexual identity openly and didn’t even mind being a bi-sexual person. The silence soon sparked into curiosity where many started making fun of him by saying things like “Are you going to hit on me”, “bro don’t try to kiss me” and many more. I was happy to see such boldness in him and I wanted to know him more. He was a very polite and a kind person. I liked him for being different from all of us. I felt him to be special. The other students were also welcoming though. Our college teachers and Principal also responded positively towards this newness.

Eventually I started to interact with him to know more about his interests. I learnt that he wanted to pursue a career in cooking and also wanted to join culinary school abroad. We turned out to be good friends. Next came our college Orientation Day. We were all excited dressed up in our beautiful dresses while the boys were also prepared to create fine impressions. Many activities were organized by our seniors and we were soon ushered to settle down in the college auditorium. The boy happened to sit beside me and I noticed he was very comfortable and open to talk. He participated in almost all the activities. It was a delightful day and after the orientation we went to the college canteen to have some snacks.

Weeks past after the commencement of college sessions. One day we noticed that boy suddenly looked sad and worried. So, our friends decided to approach him. When we asked what was bothering him, he told us that he had revealed about his sexuality to his parents. He was anxious how his parents would react to this newness as it has been with people nowadays. We all hoped that things would fall in its place. During the class, the boy received a message from his mother saying:“It’s Alright! We love you anyway.” The boy’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness. As the days went by all of the boy’s relatives happened to know about his identity. They created a lot of pressure in the boy assuming he would change himself. Furthermore, he was sent for counseling to with few others and was forced to work on his appearance by being sent to Gym.

Matter started to take a new direction when his parents started to restrict him in all the ways possible. He was not allowed to cook and was not even allowed to speak to his classmates. The boy felt threatened and restricted as he had no one to talk and felt alone. Things turned even worse as days passed by. One day he decided to leave his home. One of his high school friends helped him get in touch with an NGO. Threats from the family continued after boy left his home. Meanwhile the NGO who rescued this boy, hired a lawyer, and provided him with legal aid services. The boy was able to exhibit his right to represent his identity. His family had come to the Police Station to settle the matter. The boy was advised to be a holy person to which the boy refused. After a day’s long discussion finally the boy’s family and the society decided not to bother him. They were willing to understand him and accept him.

Now the boy stays with his parents who love him for what he is! When family and society accept such special people for who they are, it creates a happier and healthy society. They learn to stand for themselves with high self-esteem. The governments should recognize their rights and protect them. This brings positive approach in the society as each one of us are created differently.






Swathi N

BA, LL.B 6th Semester 


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